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migrated from the upper Yenisey to the T▓ianshan Mountains and become one of the most populous Turkic-speaking tribal groups.

in some localities.The forefathers of the Kirgiz lived on the upper reaches of the Yenisey River. In the mid-sixth century A.D., the Kirgiz tribe was under the rule of the Turkic Khanate. After the Tang Dynasty (618-907) defeated the Eastern Turkic Khanate, the Ki

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After the 15th century, though there were still tribal distinctions, the Jilijis tribes in the Tianshan Mountains had be▓come a unified entity.In the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Kirgiz, who had remained in the upper Yenis▓ey River reaches,

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emigrated to the Tianshan Mountains to live together with their kinfolk. Many then moved to the Hindukush and Karakorum Mountains. At this time, some Kirgiz left their homeland and emigrated to Northeast China. In 1758 and 1759, the Sayak and Sarbagex tribes of Eastern Blut and ▓the Edegena tribe of Western Blut, and 13 other tribes -- a total of 200,000 -- entered the Is▓syk Kul pastoral area and asked to be subj▓ected to the Qing.The Kirgiz played a major role with their▓ courage, bravery and patriotism in the defen▓se of modern China against foreign aggression.Th▓e Kirgiz and Kazaks assisted the Qing government ▓in its efforts to crush the rebellion by the nobility of Dzungaria and the Senior and Junior Khawaja.They resisted assaults by the rebellious Yuk

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ub Beg in 1864, and when the Qing▓ troops came to southern Xinjiang to fight Yukub Beg's army, they gave them ass▓istance.However, under the pretext of "border security,▓" the Kuomintang regime in 1944 ordered the closing of many pasturelands, depriving the Kirgi▓z herdsmen of their livelihood. As a result, the Puli Revolution broke out in what is now Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County and part of the ▓Akto area, and formed a revolutionary government. This revolution, toget

her with uprisings in Ili, Tacheng▓ and Altay, shook the Kuomintang rule in Xinjiang. More than 7,000 people took part in the Puli ▓Revolution, the majority being Kirgiz, Tajiks and Uygurs.Population: 172,900Major areas of distribution: Xi▓njiang, Jilin and LiaoningLanguage: XibeReligion: Polytheism, Shamanism and Buddhism▓The Xibe ethnic minority, with a popul▓ation of 127,900, is widely distributed over northern China from the Ili area in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the west to the northeast provinces of Jilin and Liaoning.CustomThe Xibe people in n

7th to the 10th century, the Kirgiz had very frequent c

ortheast▓ and northwest China have each formed their own characteristics in the course of development. The language and eating, dressing and living habits of the Xibes in the northeast are close to those of th▓e local Han and Manchu people. Living in more compact communities, those in Xinjiang have pr

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  • eir musical instruments -- t▓he drum, sheng (a reed pipe), bili (a bamboo instrument with a reed mouthpiece) and ▓panling (a group of bells attached to a ▓tambourine) -- showed that
  • the Kirg▓iz had attained quite a high level of culture. According to ancient Yenisey inscriptions on stone
  • tablets, after the Kirgiz developed a class socie▓ty, ther
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tablished an office in ▓t he Xiajias area. I n the late 12th ce ntury when Genghis▓ Khan rose, Xiaj ias was recorded in Han books of histor▓y a s "Qirjis" or "Jilijis," still l iving in th▓e Yenisey R iver valley. From the Yuan Dyn asty (1206-1368) ?/a> 坱o the Ming Dyn asty (1368-1 644), the Jilijis?/a> ? though still ma inly living by nomadic anima▓ l husbandry, had e 大田县5G 乐昌市wap 利津县5G 郎溪县wap 塔河县wap 朝阳区wap 禄劝彝族苗族自治县wap 汾阳市5G 万荣县5G 黑水县5G 长丰县5G 涡阳县wap 新宾满族自治县wap 巫溪县wap 昆山市wap 阳原县wap 玉溪市wap 白沙黎族自治县wap 东港市wap 临漳县wap 1.85狐月玉兔传奇私服 新开传奇私服网站1.76 热血传奇私服开服网 传奇私服网站架设教程 手机热血传奇私服发布网 传奇私服发布网站有哪些 热血传奇私服发布网刚开一秒 今日新开传奇私服发布 今日新开传奇私服发布网 热血传奇私服网站1.76